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Fabricated Pipeline Strainers

Thumbnail image of a Keckley fabricated Y-strainer.

Fabricated Y (Wye) Strainers

Keckley fabricated Y-strainers are constructed with the utmost attention to detail and design. When there is a necessity for a Y-strainer without having to cut or reconfigure existing piping, a fabricated Y-strainer can offer the dimensional answer. A cast Y-strainer with a spacer flange creates extra joints for possible pipeline leaks, where a fabricated Y-strainer offers the means of providing an exact match.

Thumbnail image of a Keckley fabricated simplex strainer.

Fabricated Simplex Strainers

Keckley fabricated custom basket strainers are engineered to meet exacting specifications for your application. By providing larger than normal body housings, or multi-basket designs, fabricated basket strainers offer a greater range of options to obtain flow capacities or to meet pressure drop requirements.

Thumbnail image of a Keckley fabricated duplex strainer.

Fabricated Duplex Strainers

Keckley fabricated custom duplex basket strainers offer an engineered solution to solving continuous flow applications where it is critical the system is not affected due to downtime for maintenance/cleaning of screens and baskets.

Thumbnail image of a Keckley fabricated tee strainer.

Fabricated Tee Strainers

Keckley fabricated custom tee strainers can be provided in several different orientations allowing for horizontal or vertical installations. Keckley fabricated tee strainers can be furnished with single or double wedge basket designs to meet open area requirements for all your straining needs.

Thumbnail image of various Keckley fabricated temporary strainers.

Fabricated Temporary Strainers

Keckley offers fabricated temporary pipeline strainers in cone, basket, or plate strainers. These temporary pipeline strainers are a cost effectives mean for temporary straining for start-up applications. Fabricated temporary cone, basket, or plate strainers are designed for initial start-up and should not be used as a permanent straining solution in place of Y-strainers, basket strainers, tee strainers, or duplex basket strainers.